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Webinar | Scalable Visualisation of Sentiment and Stance

Scalable Visualisation of Sentiment and Stance

Date: Tuesday 22 May
Time: 12pm to 1pm

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In this webinar Dr Jon Chamberlain presents findings from his latest paper, Scalable Visualisation of Sentiment and Stance.

The paper focuses on Jon’s latest research with Udo Kruschwitz considering sentiment analysis.

Natural language processing systems have the ability to analyse not only the sentiment of human language, but also the stance of the speaker. Representing this information visually from unevenly distributed and potentially sparse datasets is challenging, in particular when trying to facilitate exploration and knowledge discovery. In this paper Jon Chamberlain and Udo Kruschwitz present work on a novel visualisation approach for scalable visualisation of sentiment and stance and provide a language resource of e-government public engagement of 9,278 user comments with stance explicitly declared by the author.

Dr Jon Chamberlain is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering and applied research scientist based at the University of Essex. Jon has a particular research interest in human language through Natural Language processing, in particular for social media discourse; problem solving with collective intelligence and distributed human tasking (crowdsourcing/human computation); citizen science through games, gamification and games-with-a-purpose; measuring human cognition and experience using empirical methods, UX/UI techniques and surveys; computer vision in 3D modelled environments; labelling and aggregation of metadata in large-scale multimedia corpora; and interactive information retrieval and data visualisation.

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