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2 March, 2018
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Webinar | Natural Language Processing in Theory and Practice

Natural Language Processing in Theory and Practice

Date: Friday 27 April
Time: 11am – 12pm

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In this webinar Dr Aline Villavicencio from University of Essex, introduces natural language processing (NLP), discussing some of the latest developments in the area, and how they have been used in everyday technology. She will also talk about her recent work on cognitively motivated NLP.

The webinar will focus on a number of questions that can be explored using natural language processing such as how to remove language barriers and improve communication around the world using machine translation, how to understand consumers needs and sentiments from analysing social media, how to help decision making finding relevant information about a given topic, how to detect depression, harassment and cyberbullying online.

Dr Aline Villavicencio is a Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex (UK) and her current research interests are in lexical semantics, multilinguality, and cognitively motivated NLP. This work combines language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence for applications like Text Simplification and Question Answering, for languages like English and Portuguese.

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