On their own, data are not valuable. It is how you transform data into information
and information into knowledge that really makes a difference.

What we offer

We offer a suite of training programmes which focus on data access, helping your organisation to analyse the wealth of data you have covering the latest in methodological advances.

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Our programmes are open to:

  • Researchers who are affiliated with an academic institution.
  • Public sector researchers.
  • Private sector analysts.

Training for academic, public sector researchers and private sector analysts

This training is aimed at users who have a working knowledge of data analytics but are looking to advance their skills. The training will consist of free taster webinars which lead onto face to face practical workshops in small groups for which there will be a small charge. Training sessions take place throughout the year and may cover the topics below. You can browse the courses and webinars currently scheduled or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Different courses will take place across all three universities in the Eastern ARC:

  • University of Essex (Colchester or Southend campuses)
  • University of Kent (Canterbury and Medway campuses)
  • University of East Anglia

Training may form part of our Knowledge Exchange activities with your organisation and innovation vouchers may contribute to potential costs.

Training to access secure data for academic researchers

This training provides an introduction to the services we offer for academic researchers who already have a project that has been registered with the Centre. Before users can access any Controlled data they must attend a face-to-face training course. These are held fortnightly in London and occasionally at the University of Essex. Users who apply for access will be contacted to arrange attendance.This training is free and will consist of face to face workshops

Courses will include:

  • An introduction to the BLG Data Research Centre and other similar services
  • Data security and personal responsibility, including legal background, security model, breaches and penalties
  • Statistical Disclosure Control - how to make statistical outputs safe and what principles are used, including hands-on exercises
  • Using the Secure Lab - how to use it, how to obtain outputs and how to use the interface safely

Bespoke training

We also offer a fully customisable training course. This may look at specific organisational issues you wish to use data analysis to help solve. Contact Kirsti to discuss your needs.