Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange

Working collaboratively we can help your organisation to unlock its potential in several ways:

Services Offered

We provide specialist academic time, knowledge and expertise to work on a specific issue or business project that you have identified. Our collaborative projects include;

  • Data analytics training
  • Research led projects
  • Academic student/staff placements
  • Data analytics innovation vouchers (DAIVs)
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

If your project requires you to share data with us you can rest assured it be stored and processed safely, as we work to the ISO 27001 standard.


Do you have a project involving Data Analytics that would benefit your organisation and requires skills your organisation does not have?

Our placement scheme can help. This allows an undergraduate or postgraduate student or a researcher from our Centre to work in your organisation for a short period of time on a specific project. We are also happy to host your staff in our Centre to work on your project if the nature of the project requires it. For more information contact contact Aaron Bowater or Laura Brookes, our Outreach and Engagement Coordinators.

Data Analytics Innovation Vouchers

Data Analytics Innovation Vouchers (DAIV) allow you to work with researchers from one of our partner Universities on a specific project which is of interest to your organisation. Help from our researchers may include advice on how to embed data analytics into your processes (i.e. for marketing or the management of the supply chain) or learning more about specific data analysis techniques.

To qualify for innovation vouchers you will have to meet the following criteria:

• You must be part of a local authority or a micro, small or medium-sized business, charity, or not-for-profit organisation located in the UK.

• For the purposes of this application, the criteria for small or medium-sized businesses include: less than 250 employees, turnover under £25.9 million, other enterprises do not hold 25% or more of the capital or voting rights

• You may be unaware of the type of data we can help with- you do not need to have any specific data already collated or stored.

Express your interest in our DAIV scheme now and you can receive guidance on your eligibility before completing a full application. Find out more here.

Find out more about our DAIV scheme and download the application form (docx 53KB). If you have any queries or would like to talk through a potential project please contact Aaron Bowater.or Laura Brookes

Your organisation's very own 'Challenge Lab'

If your organisation has a specific issue, opportunity or other challenges you’d like to explore then ask us about our challenge labs. Experts from the Centre can come into your organisation for the day to run a challenge lab session with your team. Together they’ll work to identify ways to make better use of data, improve your processes or explore potential research projects we could collaborate on in the future.

Contact us to find out more.