UKIS Publications

The Business and Local Government Data Research Centre is proud to host information from the UK Innovation Survey User Group. Please contact the User Group if you have any questions about the content on these pages.

Please find below a list of publications related to the UK Innovation Survey User Group. You may return to the UKIS User Group homepage or browse their news and events.

Title: No money, no honey? Financial versus knowledge and demand constraints on innovation
Authors: Pellegrino, G., & Savona, M
Year: 2017
Publisher: Research Policy

Title: Venture capital and innovation strategies
Authors: Da Rin, M., & Penas, M. F
Year: 2017
Publisher: Industrial and Corporate Change

Title: Exporting status and success in innovation: evidence from CIS micro data for EU countries
Authors: Damijan, J., Kostevc, Č., & Rojec, M
Year: 2017
Publisher: The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development

Title: The paradox of openness revisited: Collaborative innovation and patenting by UK innovators
Authors: Arora, A., Athreye, S., & Huang, C
Year: 2016
Publisher: Research Policy

Title: Barriers to innovation and firm productivity
Authors: Coad, A., Pellegrino, G., & Savona, M
Year: 2016
Publisher: Economics Of Innovation And New Technology

Title: Learning-by-failing. An empirical exercise on CIS data
Authors: Leoncini, R
Year: 2016
Publisher: Research Policy

Title: Business data linking–recent UK experience
Authors: Ritchie, F
Year: 2016
Publisher: Austrian Journal of Statistics

Title: The impact of ambidexterity on enterprise performance: Evidence from 15 countries and 14 sectors
Authors: Derbyshire, J
Year: 2014
Publisher: Technovation

Title: R&D, innovation and exporting
Authors: Harris, R., & Moffat, J
Year: 2011
Publisher: SERC Discussion Papers