ARCHIVED | The BLG Summer School in Data Analytics: Effective Tools and Techniques

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27 June, 2017
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ARCHIVED | The BLG Summer School in Data Analytics: Effective Tools and Techniques

UBDC and BLG DRC Social Analytics Strategic Network

UBDC and BLG DRC Social Analytics Strategic Network

Archived – Please note this event took place in the past and has been left here for reference purposes. View our full list of events to see what we have coming up or send us an email if there is a particular type of event you are interested in.

Date: 10 to 14 July 2017
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: University of Essex, Colchester Campus

Price list
Per session:
Students – £25
Public Sector – £40
Academics – £40
Business – £95

Per week (we are offering a reduced rate for our whole week’s worth of sessions):
Students – £100
Public Sector – £160
Academics – £160
Business – £380

Today, organisations need to be able to make the most of the data that is available to them in order to be as efficient as possible. This summer, in conjunction with SASNet, we are offering a week’s worth of training on effective data analytics tools and techniques, which can help organisations to tap into their data to make a real difference to their products and services, or to their internal processes. Attendees can sign up to the sessions which are relevant for them, or receive a discount by signing up for the whole weeks’ worth of training. This course is relevant for employees from both the public and private sector, students and academics. To book onto the relevant session, you will need to use the links provided under each session below. However, if you wish to attend the whole week, click here, to receive your discounted rate which includes five days of training for the price of four.

Date: 10 July
Tutors: Andrew LovettGilla Sunnenberg
An Introduction to QGIS – In this session, Professor Andrew Lovett (University of East Anglia) will give attendees a brief understanding of GIS and an introductory demonstration of the QGIS software. The workshop will consist of an introductory talk and a series of practical lab exercises (using the QGIS software) that will allow attendees to put their acquired skills into practice. Attendees will then be able to participate in a closing Q&A session.
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Date: 11 July
Tutors: Peter Barbrook-Johnson & Kavin Narasimhan
An Introduction to Agent Based Modelling (ABM) – ABM is a computational modelling approach in which we build simulations of social and policy processes in an attempt to understand better those processes. In this session Dr Peter Barbrook-Johnson, from the Policy Studies Institute at the University of Westminster, and Dr Kavin Narasimhan, from the University of Surrey, will provide attendees with a basic understanding of agent based modelling, and then allow attendees to explore the NetLogo modelling software for themselves with several short lab exercises, to enable them to begin putting their knowledge into practice.
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Date: 12 July
Tutors: Marianna Marra
An introduction to Social Network Analysis – In this session, Dr Marianna Marra (Essex Business School) will give attendees an introduction to Social Network Analysis (SNA). She will present theoretical and practical issues relevant for the analysis of social relationships between people, organisations and technology. SNA is very useful in mapping different kind of relationships and detect data patterns in economic and knowledge networks. This session aims to provide attendees with an introductory understanding of networks’ dynamics in different context.
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Date: 13 July
Tutors: Paurav Shukla
Experimentation Process – In the course of the day, you will learn how to design user-centred experiments, run them, and analyse data from these experiments. We shall explore design issues pertaining to measurement, scaling, sampling and the important aspects of validity and reliability. Using these building blocks, you will learn different types of experimentation techniques, and how to employ them appropriately in a marketing and business management context. Finally, you will learn how to analyse experimental data using SPSS and contribute to the body of knowledge and practice. Join in for your own journey into discovering.
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Date: 14 July
Tutors: Jim Vine & EasyJet Case Study: Data Analysis in Business
What Works? Processes and techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of interventions – In this session, Jim Vine, Researcher at the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, will provide attendees with an understanding of the concepts that are most important when intending to establish whether particular interventions are effective. He will outline a process framework which is useful in maximising the robustness and impact of findings, provide an overview of techniques that are available to establish what works, and give a brief introduction to other types of evaluation that are useful alongside your evaluation of effectiveness.
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If you wish to attend the whole week, click here, to receive your discounted rate which includes five days of training for the price of four.

If you have any questions about this training, please do not hesitate to contact us.