Our Team

Working collaboratively we can help your organisation to unlock its potential in several ways, meet our team.

Professor Julien Forder

Research Lead for Supporting Vulnerable People

Julien’s main academic interests are social care funding, care markets and competition, health and social care integration, personalisation and measuring the impact of services for people with long-term conditions.

Professor Ruth Hancock

Research Lead for Supporting Vulnerable People

Ruth's research interests are in the economic, health and social policy implications of individual and population ageing with a particular focus on financial provision for later life and provision for long-term care needs.

Professor Andrew Lovett

Research Lead for Mapping Access to Green Infrastructure

Andrew's current research interests include applications of GIS, landscape visualisation software and statistical techniques.

Kirsti Badcock

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Kirsti is responsible for the engagement and outreach activities of the Centre. This includes working with the public and private sector to identify ways we can use our services to help them.

Tom Howard

Project Manager

Tom is responsible for the overall project management for the Centre with specific responsibility for finance and resources. Tom is part of the Senior Management Team.

Lisa Howlett

Senior Administrative Assistant

Based at the University of East Anglia Lisa is the joint central point of contact for the UEA team providing administration and budget support to the UEA team involved in the Centre.

Lyn Loaring

Executive Officer and Centre Administrator

Lyn provides support to the Centre Director, financial management, human resource management and general administration of the Centre as well as being the main liaison with the University of Essex.

Heather Parr

Senior Administrative Assistant

Based at the University of East Anglia, Heather is the joint central point of contact for the UEA team providing administration support to the UEA team involved in the Centre. She is responsible for processing queries on Data Analytics Innovation Vouchers, and the operation of the data centre “safe room” at UEA.

Paul Pearce-Couch


Paul is responsible for all publications by the centre staff, identifying policy impacts of the centre's research. He also is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the centre's communication. Paul also provides support for the Centre's training activities, communication activities and engagement events. She manages the social media for the Centre and maintains our online presence.

Shaozhong Shi

Research User Support Officer

Shao assists researchers in accessing datasets held by the Centre and can answer queries about the data we hold.

Richard Skeggs

Senior Research Data Manager

Richard is responsible for the collection and curation of data with a focus on business. He also provides data users with information and support.

Nieves Arranz


Nieves' current research interests include joint R&D projects, R&D networks and international projects.

Dr Raffaella Calabrese


Rafaella's research interests include developing new models to analyse credit risk and systemic risk.

Professor Andrew Fearne


Andrew's research interests include consumer behaviour, inter-organisational relationships and value chain analysis.

Dr Juan Carlos Fernandez de Arroyabe


Juan's research interests include trategy, structure and governance of joint R&D projects; dynamics of networks; and internationalization of small and medium-size enterprises.

Professor Claudia Girardone


Claudia's research interests include Modelling efficiency and productivity of financial institutions, Integration in banking and financial markets and SMEs finance.

Professor Neil Kellard


Neil's research interests include Finance, International Finance, Development and Applied econometrics.

Aristogenis Lazos


Aristogenis' current research interests include small-medium enterprises in a prospect theory framework, which may help explain why institutional investors invest in small-medium enterprises.

Anupriya Misra


Anupriya's current research interests include entrepreneurship in rural labour markets and development of rural areas.

Mingchen Sun


Mingchen's current research interests include investigating the credit scoring model for SMEs using the firm-level data.

Dr Shaomin Wu


Shaomin's current research interests include Business Data Analysis, Applied Stochastic Processes, and Risk Management.

Dr Beatriz de la Iglesia


Beatriz's current research interests include data mining and in particular the extraction of partial classification rules or nuggets using meta-heuristic algorithms.

Dr Udo Krushwitz


Udo's current research interests include Natural language processing (NLP) and Information retrieval (IR) and the implementation of such techniques in real applications.

Professor Elena Kulinskaya


Elena's current research interests include Foundations of statistics, Statistical methods for discrete and skewed data, Asymptotic methods, Applied statistics and Meta-analysis and research synthesis.

Professor Berthold Lausen


Berthold's's current research interests include Biostatistics, Classification, Clinical Research, Computational Statistics, Epidemiology, and Systems Biology.

Professor Klaus MacDonald-Maier


Klaus's current research interests include Embedded Systems and System-on-Chip (SoC) design, development support and technology to increase performance and reliability.

Dr Abdellah Salhi


Abdellah's current research interests include Optimisation: Mathematical Programming and Heuristics, Numerical Analysis; Data Mining and Bioinformatics.

Dr Abhijit Sengupta


Abhijit's current research interests include Innovation and technology management, Firm strategy, Role of ecosystems and institutions on innovation and firm strategy, Networks and complex systems, and Analytics and behaviour.

Dr Stephen Allan


Stephen is a social and health care economist with a particular interest in the English care homes market for older people.

Academic staff - Support for Vulnerable People

Dr James Cornford


James' is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the University of East Anglia.

Amanda Burke


Amanda's current research interests include neighbourhood renewal in deprived neighbourhoods and in cultural services.

Dr Ferran Espuny Pujol


Ferran's current research interests include Social Care and Health Care methodological and applied research.

Dr Jose-Luiz Fernandez


Jose-Luiz' current research interests include ageing-related policies, the interaction between health and social care, and the economic evaluation of health and social care services and systems.

Lisanne Gitsels


Lisanne's current research interests include analysing longitudinal data to contribute to solving current social.

Professor Morten Hviid


Morten's current research interests are in the areas of competition law, industrial economics, tort law and contract law.

Dr Marcello Morciano


Marcello's current research interests include The economics of disability, Applied health micro-econometrics and Health and public economics of ageing.

Professor Beth Neil


Beth's current research interests include management of psychological issues for adopted children and young people, birth relatives and adoptive parents.

Professor Stephen Pudney


Stephen is an applied econometrician working mainly on health and disability issues.

Professor Gillian Schofield


Gillian's current research interests include planning systems and the nature of foster and adoptive family relationships, in particular the use of attachment theory to promote security and resilience.

Dr Katy Appleton


Katy's current research interests include GIS-based landscape visualisation, particularly for communication and participation purposes relating to environmental management and decision-making.

Dr Amii Harwood


Amii's current research interests include quantitative geography, spatial analysis and GIS.

Academic staff - Mapping Public Access to Green Infrastructure

Professor Andy Jones


Andy's current research interests include environmental determinants of physical activity and obesity.

Dr Gilla Sunnenberg


Gilla currently works on our Mapping Green Infrastructure stream.